Saturday, August 5, 2017

Living so can let it go and Dwayne Johnson replies to you

Last week I spoke at an event on Knowing your worth.

One of the other speakers kept repeating the phrase in relation to goal setting:  So that....

Me and this speaker have A LOT in common and as she kept saying So That...So That...I thought back to the Bible study I did two years ago about Living SO THAT.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says that only 2% of people have a major definite aim and purpose.  Most people are literally trying to hit nothing every single day.  It's not enough to just have an aim.  You must also have a purpose and that is where SO THAT comes into play.

We don't say:  I want to make a lot of money 

We say: I want to make a lot of money SO THAT I can provide a good living for my family and have generational wealth to pass on to my children.

We don't say:  I want to get married and have kids

We say:  I want to get married and have kids SO THAT I can leave a legacy and live a more fulfilling and unselfish life.

Living so that....

This study of living so that is very intense and it's also very rich in Biblical study.  It's topically based but provides a lot of scripture SO THAT people understand the WHY behind they believe what they believe.

The first two are:  Jesus Came so that and God spoke so that....

It's been fun to see how my answers have evolved in these past two years.  They haven't changed much but they have evolved as I have grown in my faith and in my development.

You can let it go.

At this event where I was giving my talk, I declared in front of the room that I was DONE with going after fixer upper relationships and search and rescue missions.  DONE.  I don't want that and I'm saying no to those types of people because it would just reinforce a lifestyle of mediocrity and misery.  That's not what I want and that's not what I am after.

Well imagine my surprise when I discovered TWO people had unfriended me on Facebook.  These were two people I had been wondering about in my life.  Now I know.  

They are not it.

I didn't wonder why they unfriended me or felt like something was wrong with me.  As a matter of fact, I laughed and felt relief.  Now there was no more wondering. I could let go of childish fantasies or wondering what it all meant.

It meant it's time to let go and be ready to receive the non-fixer uppers and search and rescue missions!  I am glad that I at least took a chance in trying to find out though.  I had started to realize a few months back that this was all a "NO" and I'm glad there was no questioning or blows to the self esteem.  It was relief!


I have had it bad for Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson for about 20 years. (he also is 2017's Sexiest man Alive so I was on to something even then)  I was a huge fan of his when he was with the WWE and even went to a local house show.  I'm a major fan.  Well I am also a major fan of his HBO show Ballers.  Because it's on HBO we do get some HOT HOT HOT scenes with him.  

Earlier this week he made a video on Instagram thanking us fans for making Ballers a success.  So I decided to chime in and give him some feedback about what type of scenes I think he should have on the show (Hint:  They should involve little clothing. )

I just about fell out when I got this notification

I mean COME ON!!  This post got the most likes ever and people's comments were just as funny.  

This was so awesome!!  I kind of thought it was funny that I let go and then this went and happened.

That very same day I met a woman who had helped to change my life by introducing me to my business coach.  We had never met and she was randomly sitting in Whole Foods where I had decided to make a random stop after the gym!  We have similar messages and beliefs!  It was so awesome to FINALLY connect with her.   It felt like my lucky day!!  

I left that day with the mantra of: LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE

On this Sacred Journey we may think one thing that turns out not to be true or we may try to figure it all out but we can't.  

Our best lives happen when we Let Go SO THAT God can orchestrate and direct a story that we cannot make up.  

As of this moment, me and Dwayne STILL have a chance!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Recommended Read: Crazy Love, Francis Chan



To the Point.


If you're like me, then you're frustrated with the American Church.  

It is so shallow, so lacking depth, so irrelevant, and so missing something.  

Francis Chan touches on all of this in his book, "Crazy Love"

A lot of what he says is radical.  It's radical because Jesus was/is radical.  The gospels are radical.

It sounds so foreign to American Christians because the emphasis in American Christianity has not been on the gospel but on materialism,  comfort, marriage and politics.

The notion of giving up your possessions to help the poor or give up your life to follow Christ sounds crazy because we simply have not been taught what Jesus taught.

If you're fed up with American Churchitanity, then this book is for you.

Love God. Love People.

Those two things should inspire some Crazy in our lives.

Jesus had Crazy Love for us.

He's left it up to us to continue that Crazy Love.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Leaving Sundays: Crazy Love - Leaving Church....

Chan says when he went overseas and told people that American Christians leave church due to the worship wars, child care, and other mundane issues they laughed hysterically. They couldn't believe that is what we call Christianity.

As Chan says in many of parts of the world Christianity is serious business because it costs too much to believe so why would people do it unless they were serious about Jesus

They think it is laughable that we could reduce the call to follow Jesus and make disciples to an invitation to sit in a church service. - Francis Chan

This is my second year of not attending church and although I miss the singing and the sermons, I can't stomach the thought of going back at this time to a forced and faux community. I also can't with the emptiness I feel in church. I don't want to go back to The lack of depth and the resulting emptiness.

Then I read about what kind of “church” Francis Chan has. You worship for ten minutes, pray, go out into the world for a few hours to share your faith, and then come back and say what God did.

That sounds great but also uncomfortable and scary so yes it's easy to criticize  church but to step out and take radical steps of faith is also harder than it sounds.

If you are not living on mission, then it's doubtful you will experience [God's] power -Francis Chan

I want to live a missional life because I know that's what will have the most impact. Living a missional life can be scary on many levels because there's rejection and so much uncertainty but that's why we must pray for courage to not lose heart and give up.

The spirit doesn't lead people to live Lukewarm lives - Francis Chan

That's what I believe. I don't believe the spirit leads people to live Lukewarm, low energy, and defeated lives because what is the point?

John 10:10 The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.

So if all of that is true then we shouldn't be leading pitiful Pete and pathetic Pam lives.

To God be the Glory

Leaving Sundays: A Lot Should Change in 5 years

You're either on your way up or on your way down. - Joe Biden

In my own life I have to say there's been a ton of change in 5 years and all positive.  It didn't feel positive at the time. It was embarrassing on many levels and humbling.

I've learned to trust God With my whole life and not just parts of It. I've learned that he always knows best.

I've also learned to not Get angry when I “miss out” because I'm not missing ANYTHING. In fact I'm Dodging bullets well bombs actually.

Francis chan talks about truly letting go and trusting what God has for us. Letting go may make other people mad, it may mean trusting God for a paycheck, or it may mean you live a life completely different than you were planning.

You can read about some of the important milestones on this blog but here are a few accomplishments of the last 5 years

  • Started my own business
  • Started my blog
  • Started Writing
  • Speaking
  • Decided to stop settling for what I don’t want
  • Started to Say Something Different
  • Dodged a ton of bullets
  • Ended the War on Myself
  • Realized that I am enough and don’t need to be fixed
  • Gave Up Compulsive Dieting

None of this would have happened if I hadn't gotten to know God TRULY, MADLY, AND DEEPLY

I am on the way UP with God directing the show and the Holy Spirit leading the way!!

Leaving Sundays Crazy Love - The Point of it All

We try to set our lives up so everything will be fine even if God doesn't come through. But true faith means holding nothing back. It means putting every hope in God’s fidelity to His promises. - Francis Chan

Chan has a chapter where he introduces us to people who are really living out their faith in tangible ways. People who gave up comfort and ease for a life dedicated to helping others.

I felt so inspired reading the chapter because there is truly more to life than materialism and receiving attention.

This past week I was watching Straight Outta Compton and as ice cube was doing my favorite NWA song Gangsta Gangsta he says the line: Life ain't nothing but money and bitches.

That's tragic that an entire generation of people grew up believing that nonsense and they still believe it today.  It's a recipe for an empty, miserable, and often tragic life.  We don't know it because People just aren't as loud about their lows as they are about their highs. Ugly Reality doesn't sell as well as fairy tales.

Life is definitely more than money and bitches.

As Chan says

It reminds me that there is so Much more to our existence than what we can see. What we do reverberates through the heavens and into eternity.

The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their own lives.

Isn't that why most of us are tired of Christians and church? We are tired of the complacency, hypocrisy, loud declarations with no action, low energy, and general mundane action.

Chan poses this question near the end of the book: when it's time to give an account of Our lives and God asks: What did you do with what I gave you?

As pastor Javier from Shiloh church said  "Are you going to say 'well I kept the pew for 50 years but didn't do much else'?"

Leaving Sundays: Crazy Love - What do the Jesus Obsessed look like?

What does it look like to be totally obsessed with Jesus?  Do you look like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction with eyes singularly focused on getting to  Jesus?

In this chapter of the book Francis Chan profiles what it would look like to be obsessed with Jesus

They're risk takers 

As Chan says in our culture we've become obsessed with safety and our comfort. What if for God to get the glory in our lives something terrible has to happen?

Frankly speaking, I don't think I would willingly choose that option.

Obsessed people are whatever it takes for as long as it takes because they want to see thy kingdom come and thy will be done.

I'm definitely not there yet.

They are friends of all

One thing I say in my life is not hanging out with chickens when you're trying to soar high like an eagle.  Also I try not to spend too much time with difficult and draining people. It's too much of a downer and i find myself getting depressed and my own mood being pulled down

That sounds terrible but it's true. I think it's important for me to be honest and transparent. That's why I read this book in the first place because I wanted to be convicted.

Obsessed people care about the poor and they're connected with them in some kind of way.

While reading this I thought I am poor because I don't have any money. Chan directs us to 1 Timothy 6 and when we get to verse 8 it says:

So we should be well satisfied without money if we have enough food and clothing

Yeah I'm not poor. Not at all.

They are crazy

Francis Chan is very radical. He actually does things that the Bible talks about like taking in poor people or selling his home so he could give more away.

He says the first people to criticize him are Christians when what he does is biblical!

I'm not surprised. We are so far from what the Bible has taught us that we are actually supposed to be doing that someone sounds completely insane when they actually do it.

They are  Humble

How many want stuff so that they can really rub people's noses in it?


I'm petty and I often say it's stomping on the devil but I always want to stomp on some people I've encountered throughout the ye.

That's not giving God the glory! That's giving me the glory!

Sit down and be humble!

People who are obsessed with Jesus are servers and givers

Non-churchgoers tend to see Christians as takers rather than givers.

And if we are talking current events, some of the Christian Leaders  sound terrible. This latest political climate has really exposed the hearts of the American Church.

Obsessed people are focused on eternity

Build your hopes on things eternal! Don't lay up for yourself treasures in heaven!
How many of us take this literally. We are so focused on our Earthly lives that we don't really think about eternity.

Would we live differently if we knew our choices had long term ramifications in an Eternal sense?

Obsessed people are engrossed

They love God with their mind, soul, and strength. They are madly in love with God.

Obsessed people are raw with God

They don't try to fool him. He already knows that we need a lot of help. I've found myself doing this when I've gotten convicted during this study.

Obsessed people spend time with God

Keep in mind this is not out of obligation but out of love! We spend time with people we love and enjoy being with.

The average Christian in the United States spends ten minutes per day with God. The average American spends four hours per day watching tv. I don't even want to know how much time we spend on our phones Or the internet.

Obsessed people are more concerned with his or her character than comfort.

 Obsessed people know that true joy doesn't depend on circumstances or environment.

Am I okay with my current circumstances if it's developing my character and making me into the woman I need to be? Most of the time.

Obsessed people are faithful and thankful to God because they know they cannot possibly repay him.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Leaving Sundays: Crazy Love - Your best life....Later

Having faith often means doing what others see as crazy. Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers. - Francis Chan


This is exactly what I think and how I feel! You already know the mantra from Sister Leymah

Going off track a little bit 

I keep thinking about Lukewarm churchgoers and how low energy and Uninspiring they are.

This is terrible because those with faith should be the role models and not celebrities.

I think about how young people need role models other than celebrities because celebrity is rooted in idolatry, lies, fantasy, myths, and often has little to do with reality.

Ask anybody who is close to that world and it's nothing like it's portrayed.  

Watch a few biopics and you realize that it isn’t worth it.

If you told people the reality of the situation, then you couldn't sell anything to people. Nobody wants to hear about what too many drugs and sleeping around ultimately does to you. They don't want to hear that someone is sleeping around because they are looking to fill voids and be validated or how lonely all that feels.

Young people and adults alike need role models in front of them who are doing crazy and live a rich lifestyle in truth not a fantasy.

It takes no faith to come to a church building and eat chicken or drink punch.

Back on track…Would our lives look any different if we stopped believing in God?

The point is that if people are looking at our lives and they wouldn't look any different if we stopped believing in God, then something needs to change.

If we can't tell stories that make people say, “Wow. How did that happen?” “That Must have been a supernatural force”, then we are doing it wrong.

It is easy to say these things but it is hard to live it! It is much easier to do what's Comfortable and boring.

As Chan says,

Christians today like to play it safe. We want to put ourselves in situations where we are safe “even if there is no God” But if we desire to please God we cannot live that way. We have to do things that cost us during our life on earth but will be more than worth it in eternity.

Playing What if and what would I do.... 

I have thought about a certain scenario that I could be faced with. Suppose I was presented with an opportunity that could solve my financial issues and provide me with all that I have ever wanted, but it would force me to compromise my beliefs and obedience to God.

What would I do?

The easy thing to say is that I would walk away.

I hope I would walk away.

I would pray for the Holy Spirit to convict me into walking  away

I would have to silence my inner critic and the critics around me telling me how stupid I am for passing this up.

Would I really be willing to say NO to all I have ever wanted in this earthly life for my faith and because I want to live in obedience to God?

Would I really trust that God has better?

In some ways I've already seen that God's plans are always better and so it would be easier to say no to everything I wanted on the surface but would violate my beliefs.

In other ways it would be easy to make excuses

I've waited long enough
Time is slipping away from me
My window of opportunity is closing
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

The bottom line is that if I choose God then I need to choose Him all the way even if it means leaving all of my earthly desires on the table.

Counting the Costs....

When Christ says to count the cost of following Him, it means we must surrender everything. - Francis Chan

It means we must trust and not know where we are going or how things will get done.

For some reason I don't believe this is any accident that I keep pondering this scenario. Time to get my mind right!

What are you doing that requires faith?

Chan says he was presented with this question in Bible college and he realized his life would not look much different if he did not have faith.

I decided to think about this in my own life.

What requires faith in my life?

This business or movement to get off the ground. I've had several people tell me that what I'm doing is bigger than me and they see me on a bigger platform but right now it's just a struggle to pay bills and keep going

Nuff said.

In all seriousness this is requiring faith to believe there is something very big going on here. I just don't believe all this delay, preparation, and transformation is so that I can enter some boring, safe, and meh covenant of marriage. That's not what I want anyway.

This is somewhat of a sidetrack but

Earlier this year at our Goals gathering and gala, I got this SAY NO card as my message for the year.

As we've progressed through the year I realized I need to SAY NO to what would be safe, boring, and meh. Something that would be good but not great and crazy. I would need to SAY NO to what would be settling and not going for broke.

That is how I feel about the situation and then with my health discoveries this year it may be harder for me to carry a child and I am getting older so yeah it requires faith.

I believe God will provide but right now on the surface things aren't looking very promising but you know what? I'm Moving Forward.